Comic screen

On festivals:
The Sophiensaele roll out the red carpet for witty women: Sprachrohr Vagina, (zitty, September 2017)
Nature Theater of Oklahoma’s trashy live film project at the Foreign Affairs 2016 theatre festival: Ausweitung der Kunstzone, (tip, July 2016)
Review of Pazz-Festival, Oldenburg: You’re next, (Theater der Zeit, September 2012)
Review of Berliner Theatertreffen: Vinge holt die Pimmelpuppe raus, (Freitag, May 2012)

On women theatre directors:
In conversation with dramatist Sivan Ben Yishai: Mein Text blutet, (Freitag, February 2018)
Women’s dawn on the German stage: 정글의법칙. Know-it-all" href="">Bye bye Mr. Know-it-all, (Missy Magazine, January 2018)
Susanne Kennedy stages at the Berlin Volksbühne: Der Druck ist hoch, (zitty, November 2017)
Director Katie Mitchell settles up with William Shakespeare: Heroin sein tötet, (Freitag, December 2015)
Actress Vanessa Stern explores the female comedian: Any Woman can Cry, (zitty, January 2012)
In conversation with Shermin Langhoff: Einwanderzirkus, (Missy Magazine, 4/2012)
In conversation with Monika Gintersdorfer: Die Anarchie der Spekulation, (Freitag online, June 2009)

On plays:
Sibylle Berg’s theatre series at Berlin’s Gorki Theater leads its heroine into outer space: Intergalaktische Migration (zitty, September 2017)
Well-made play turns absurd when US dramatist Noah Haidle honours housewives: There are flounders in the deluge, (zitty, Februar 2017)
Tennessee Williams’ The Glass Menagerie directed by Stephan Kimmig at the Deutsches Theater: Schöner Scheitern, (tip, December 2016)
Playwright Anja Hilling in Vienna: Zwischen kreischenden Seelen, (Theater der Zeit, February 2012)
Article on young playwrights festival, Autorentheatertage Berlin: Das Ich ist ein Gefängnis, (Theater der Zeit, September 2012)

On literature:
Review of Gilsbrod (novel) by Sabine Bergks: Vom Außenseitertum einer Souffleuse, (Theater der Zeit, January 2013)
Review of Regieanweisungen (habilitation thesis) by Annette Storr, (Theater der Zeit, October 2009)

On film
Review of Greta Gerwig’s magnificent fake teenage self-portrait Lady Bird: Life as a disco ball, (Freitag, April 2018)
Review of Original genre film with vampire star Kristen Stewart: Personal Shopper, (Missy Magazine, January 2017)
Review of Mustang, five sisters in the clutches of a paranoid Muslim society, (Freitag, February 2016)
Review of Much loved 심플노트! Moroccan prostitutes in Marrakech, (Missy Magazine, March 2016)
Review of Der Sommer mit Mama (Missy Magazine, August 2015)
Review of Männer zeigen Filme & Frauen ihre Brüste by Isabell Suba, (Missy Magazine, August 2014)

In the margins
Theatre with tough guys: Fracticide behind Bars, (Berliner Zeitung, June 2012)